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OPC Server inVIEW

Opc server

OPC Server inVIEW

inView OPC server server is tasked to collect data from different remote clients and make them available to the user through an OPC (OLE for Process Control) server. It is possible to us inView OPC server with inCOM communication product (like inCOM I50 and inCOM RCFEC) and communication enabled controller products like inCOM I100 and inCOM I300.

Data from remote locations can be transferred using GPRS, LAN, WLAN, WAN, SATELITE or RADIO networks. Remote locations can be any place where there is a GSM/GPRS signal and/or internet access is available.

With inView OPC server user can include such data into the existing SCADA control system (in case the system provides OPC client feature), or form a completely new system using any standard SCADA application that enables reading OPC server data. Collected logged data and detected events & alarms are stored in standard SQL database. If used with inVew Web SCADA system, logged values and alarms & events are stored in inView WebSCADA archives.

Remote control & supervision of distributed systems like:

System requirements
Operating system Microsoft Windows Server 2008, Windows XP*, Windows Vista*, Windows 7*
Processor Pentium IV or better
Memory 1GB RAM or better
Hard disk
250MB space (for installation)
Up to 4GB Hard Disk space ( for database)
Monitor resolution for client application Monitor resolution 1024×768 min.