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Web SCADA software inVIEW

web scada inview


State of the art monitoring, control and data acquisition software based on web technologies. Using unique features of today modern technology:

Online monitoring & Visualisation

Advanced graphical editor is available for creating rich and animated customized graphics screens. Map zooming & decluttering enables easy navigation even for most complex systems with several hundreds of locations.

Live data is also available through standard OPC server.

web scada

Alarm & Event Management & Processing

inView includes comprehensive alarm management capabilities. Some of the features available are:


Dataloging & Trending

Real time data together with data logged on modem is stored in standard SQL database on server and available for further analysis. Logged data can be represented as tables with advanced filtering capabilities and exported to several formats.

Trending module includes features as: filtering, zooming, multiple measurement values and multiple axes.

Messaging & Notification

Easy configurable SMS & e-mail notification system. Receive SMS and/or email on events or alarms.



Reports can be easy customized to customer needs. All logged data, events & alarms, analysis data, trends and charts can be combined to build reports tailored to user needs.

Reports can be printed locally or exported to PDF for further distribution and analysis. Reports and data for analysis can be exported to PDF and automatically sent via email

web scada reports

inVIEW Standard

Designed for screen resolution 1280 x 700 px, supported by laptop computers, desktop monitors and TV monitors in the function of monitor with HD ready resolution. inVIEW Standard provides process monitoring and process control. Operater manages the process using the mouse. inVIEW is made up of multiple screens, depending on customer requirements, and the operator moves easily through menu navigation by clicking on the desired screen.


inVIEW Mobile

Custom for resolution 480 x 800 px, designed for standard smart phones. Allows monitoring of process data to the client through a scroll display.



Designed for HD screen resolution 1920 x 1080 px, supported by HDTV. inVIEW HD allows process monitoring without process control option. inVIEW HD consists of one screen in which is multiple screens slide.


InView SCADA as cloud service

By moving to a cloud-based environment, SCADA users can significantly reduce costs, achieve greater reliability, and enhance functionality. In addition to eliminating the expenses and problems related to the hardware layer of IT infrastructure, cloud-based SCADA enables users to view data on devices like smartphones and tablet computers, and also receive SMS text messages and e-mail notifications. Our inVIEW solution is also available as CLOUD service.

System requirements
Operating system Microsoft Windows Server 2008, Windows XP*, Windows Vista*, Windows 7*
Processor Pentium IV or better
Memory 2GB RAM or better
Hard disk
200MB space (for installation)
Up to 4GB Hard Disk space ( for database)
Monitor resolution for client application Monitor resolution 1024×768 min.